Why You Should get your hearing tested

Hearing loss is one of the most common problems in the U.S., in fact, it’s second only to heart disease.  Hearing loss can affect anyone.  It doesn’t discriminate based on age, sex, race, or status.  By age 65, one out of three people has hearing loss to some degree.  Getting your hearing checked should be done every few years when … Read More

Signs of Hearing Loss

Signs of hearing loss usually emerge slowly over time unless a trauma has occurred.  But, if you’re the person experiencing them it can feel like they just showed up suddenly and without warning impairing your world.  If you suspect hearing loss, there are signs to look out for:   You may have hearing loss if…   Socially: require frequent repetition. … Read More

Benefits of At Home Hearing Aid Adjustments

48 million Americans today suffer from hearing loss. It affects your everyday life and there are few choices for treatment. Once a health care provider has diagnosed your hearing impairment the only real recourse are hearing aids. You can get hearing aids through your practitioner(which provides personalized care at a high cost) or through a big box store(which provides affordable … Read More

6 Celebrities with Hearing Loss

Despite the fact that millions of people around the world are dealing with hearing loss on a daily basis, it is possible to sometimes feel alone with hearing loss. If you ever feel as though you are the only one with hearing damage, take heart and remember that there is no reason to let hearing loss hold you back. Below … Read More

Tips for Caring for Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids are compact and powerful electronic devices – but they are electronic devices nevertheless! As with all other electronic equipment, your hearing aids require a level of care to ensure that they continue to perform to the best of their abilities. As you use your hearing aids daily, it is important to perform daily checks and maintenance. Whether … Read More

All About Tinnitus: Part Two – Tinnitus Treatment & Hearing Aids

In our last installment on tinnitus, we discussed the experience of tinnitus, as well as the types and causes of tinnitus. For those who live with tinnitus, there are a number of issues that arise if the condition is left untreated. Tinnitus, whether it is chronic or temporary, may cause much upheaval to a person’s well-being. The frustrating sounds have … Read More

All About Tinnitus: Part One – What is Tinnitus?

All About Tinnitus: Part One – What is Tinnitus? The silence we hear when we settle into bed, a quiet hour with a book, or the calming peace of a walk through the woods–silence is a necessary part of life but also something that we often take for granted. Now imagine in those otherwise quiet moments an unending soundtrack of … Read More

Antibiotics and Hearing Loss

The Link Between Antibiotics and Hearing Loss    A common Antibiotic is causing hearing loss A widely used family of antibiotics called Aminoglycoside has been linked to hearing loss, and children are at the highest risk. The drugs are used to combat respiratory diseases and meningitis in those with cystic fibrosis as well as babies born prematurely in neonatal intensive … Read More

4 wireless listening devices which assist hearing aid wearers

4 wireless listening devices which assist hearing aid wearers The future of technology is wireless. We are becoming increasingly less reliant on cables to give us the features we enjoy, and stay connected to the friends and family we love. For music or TV, many hearing aids are able to ‘stream’ the entertainment directly into the ear. This is one of … Read More

How hearing aids help with personal home safety and security

How hearing aids help with personal home safety and security   There are many benefits to using hearing aids: they improve the quality of communication with loved ones and improve confidence and poise in busy environments. But did you know hearing aids may also help keep you safe and secure in your own home? In a recent worldwide study by … Read More