4 Wireless Listening Devices for Hearing Aid Wearers

The future of technology is wireless. We are becoming increasingly less reliant on cables to give us the features we enjoy, and stay connected to the friends and family we love. For music or TV, many hearing aids are able to ‘stream’ the entertainment directly into the ear. This is one of the many innovations that are quickly becoming mainstream in the world of audiology.

This is great news for the hearing-impaired home user, who is now able to access a world of entertainment from the comfort of their armchair. Controlling home security is another area that gets an upgrade.

What products are taking advantage of this new technology? Below is a list of hearing accessories poised to make home-life much easier for the mobility and hearing-impaired.

Unitron uDirect 2™

The Unitron uDirect2™ is an accessory which allows Unitron hearing aids to wirelessly communicate with TV audio, mp3 players and Bluetooth-enabled phones. Boasting 8 hours of continuous streaming on a single charge, users put the device around their neck while using the phone, and it even becomes a remote control while the user is watching TV. Voice alerts enable clear communication of the device mode.

Phonak Compilot II™

This is Phonak’s latest streaming device, which is currently only available for its Venture™ line of hearing aids. A feature packed product, it comes with up to 24 hours streaming time. Watch up to 12 movies or 12 albums of music on a single charge! It comes with its own remote control that adjusts volume, toggles hearing aid settings and even reduces surrounding volume during music streaming.

A key feature of the Compilot II is its ability to voice identify the name of a caller. This is useful when your phone is out of reach and you don’t want to get up for an unnecessary phone call. Now you can identify the caller from your armchair!

Starkey SurfLink Mobile 2™

This is billed as an accessory for other Starkey brand hearing aids, but it also functions as a hearing aid itself! A multi-media streaming device, it facilitates hands-free phone calls when paired with a hearing aid, turning it into a phone microphone and receiver. It also functions as an assistive listening device and comes with a directional microphone for easy one-on-one conversations during dinner parties.

Oticon ConnectLine™

This accessory connects to Oticon brand hearing aids to offer the user a streamlined and integrated streaming experience. It allows you to watch TV with your family at a comfortable volume, and allows our family to keep the volume at a level that they prefer.  The sound syncs completely with the TV visuals, so you’ll always stay involved in the plot!

The Connectline is controlled by the Streamer Pro™, which is a remote control for all of your streaming devices. You have total control of all your Audio information from one instrument! It works by turning hearing aids into a wireless headset. Connect this to a Bluetooth enabled alarm system to receive important alerts directly into your ear.

The Streamer Pro is worn around the neck, but for those who prefer a more discreet option, the ConnectLine technology can also be controlled via a dedicated Oticon App. Toggle functions and access features without anyone else knowing what you are doing.

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