Best Hearing Aids for Severe to Profound Hearing Loss

Severe or profound hearing loss can be debilitating, leaving you confused, disoriented, and isolated. Daily tasks like driving or shopping can be difficult. Don’t let your hearing loss hold you back. Here are some of our top hearing aids to get you back to hearing.

Unitron Max

Unitron, a Canadian company founded in 1964, has a wide selection of hearing aids. Max is a Super Power behind-the-ear hearing aid with a focus on clear speech. Max features the Power Adaption Manager as an innovative way to protect your hearing and provide safe gain levels. It regulates and reduces over-amplification to match industry standards so you can understand speech clearly while not causing further damage to your hearing. The Power Adaption Manager provides safe amplification of soft sounds while automatically lowering the amplification to a safe volume if it has been manually raised to dangerous levels.

Max is powered by the Era platform, and with a long battery life, you’ll have hassle free hearing. The Era platform powers SmartFocus, which uses directional microphones, noise reduction, and speech enhancement to provide the wearer with the best in clear speech and comfort. SmartFocus also offers frequency compression that shifts high frequency sounds that are in the damaged range to a lower frequency that is within hearing range so you will experience all the sounds around you.

Oticon Dynamo

Another excellent choice of hearing aid for those with severe to profound hearing loss is Dynamo from Oticon. This Denmark-based company is committed to helping those with hearing loss get the most out of life by making hearing aids more accessible for everyone. Dynamo offers BrainHearing technology. This innovative approach to hearing starts from an understanding that hearing happens in the brain, not just in the ears. Each brain is unique, based on a lifetime of experiences, so your hearing aid should be unique too. BrainHearing creates a hearing profile by analyzing how your brain processes sounds to provide an individualized hearing aid that is programmed just for you.

Focusing on soft sounds and providing a full spectrum of sound both in conversation and daily life, Dynamo works with you to maintain natural sounds and improve hearing by moving high frequency sounds into lower frequencies. With Speech Rescue and Speech Guard E, Dynamo fills in missing speech details by rescuing high frequency sounds like the “s” and “th” sounds to improve speech understanding. Connecting with media has never been easier, as ConnectLine can wirelessly connect with your phone, TV, and other devices.

ReSound ENZO2

ReSound is known for delivering quality hearing aids, and the ENZO2 is no exception. This behind-the-ear model has 10% higher stable gain for those with severe hearing loss. It improves spatial recognition to provide rich sound that is balanced and natural. Spatial Sense provides binaural directionality, exchanging data between the hearing aids to provide clear hearing and improved spatial awareness. ENZO2 connects wirelessly to any devise, and your hearing aids will act like headphones. With Sound Shaper, high sounds are moved down to a lower range that is within your hearing range so you won’t miss the sound of your grandchildren’s voices. Alongside feedback suppression, noise reduction, and quality amplification, speech comprehension is within your reach with ReSound ENZO2.