Hearing Aids: Good for Mental Health

Untreated Hearing loss can impact people in many different ways. Some of these include: anger, depression, anxiety, loneliness, frustration, and decreased cognitive functioning. Hearing aids supply much more than the ability to hear clearly, it can make a significant difference in an individuals mental health.

Studies conducted on the mental health of people with and without hearing loss show a  significant mental decline of individuals that show the beginning signs of hearing loss. However, people with hearing loss who wore hearing aids performed the same on cognitive tests as people without any hearing loss! Want to stay sharp as you age? Keep wearing those hearing aids!

People with hearing loss often report that they haven’t heard soft sounds like birds chirping, the sound of waves by a river, lake or ocean in a long time. Wearing hearing aids to treat your hearing loss means you’ll start hearing all kinds of sounds, including the sounds of nature, that are considered to relieve stress.

Many people with untreated hearing loss often avoid social interactions because they have trouble keeping up with conversations. In fact, some couples start speaking to each other less and less. It’s a common experience that can lead to feelings of isolation and depression. Active social relationships will positively impact your health. Hear better to live better!

Individuals who are experiencing hearing loss can feel very embarrassed, isolated, angry, confused. All of those emotions can lead to a strong feeling of depression. A recent study by the National Council on Aging studied more than 2300 people with hearing loss, and found that those with hearing loss were 50 percent more likely to experience depression.

Better hearing is part of a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve been on the fence about treating your hearing loss, consider all the positive benefits.