How to Change Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Routine maintenance and care can be the tricky part of being a hearing aid owner.  When do you do what?  While daily cleaning isn’t necessary on all aids, the one thing that all battery operated aids have in common is that the batteries do need to be changed. Hearing aid batteries are available in 4 sizes, from the smallest (size 10), size 312, size 13, to the largest (size 675).  

So hearing aid batteries typically need to be changed about once a week, maybe a little more or a little less depending on your make and model.  Most hearing aids have a tone that lets you know when it’s time to change the batteries, some models actually have a voice which comes to the hearing aid and says “battery,” or something along those lines.

In order to preserve the battery life and make it last longer, it’s always a good idea to open up the battery door when the hearing aid is not in use. This allows the hearing aid to breathe and let any moisture dry out, and also prevents the battery from draining unnecessarily.

Most hearing aid battery doors have a small ledge or groove that can be pried open using your fingernail. When the aid is not in use, you will simply pry this door open gently to turn the aid off. When the battery actually needs to be replaced, you simply pull the old battery out and then put the new battery in. Make sure to take the sticker off the battery first and then setting the new battery inside the door. Make sure that the battery is facing the correct direction.

If you have any trouble you can always call your hearing aid provider for help, as well as look up instructional videos for your make a model on the internet. If you are tired of changing your hearing aid batteries look into Rechargeable Hearing Aids. There are several to choose from. Call us at (844)-543-2782 to discuss your options!