Tips for Adjusting to Hearing Aids

Take it Slow

You may not have realized the signs of hearing loss, or blamed the people around you for miscommunications. Finally you realized that the problem was with your ears, but by now you’ve forgotten what normal hearing is like.

Using hearing aids for the first time may be a bit of a shock. Some sounds will be loud or jarring. If the sounds become overwhelming, turn down the volume or take a little break from your hearing aids. It’s normal to wear your hearing aids for just a few hour a day at the start. Be patient with yourself, and give your ears to adjust. Slowly build up to wearing them full time.

Start in Easy Listening Environment

Start by wearing your hearing aids in quiet environments, and in familiar places like at home and in one-on-one conversations. Once you are familiar with the amplification and understand the settings and features, you’re ready to take your hearing aids to challenging environments like noisy restaurants and shopping centers.

Set Reasonable Expectations

The truth is, however amazing your hearing aid is, it can never restore your hearing to the way it used to be. Set reasonable goals so you won’t be disappointed. Hearing aids can help you hear sounds in high registers you haven’t heard in years, give you clarity in noisy environments, and make conversations easy and painless. But sounds will never be the same as when you were twenty. Don’t get discouraged, after a few weeks the sounds will start to sound natural again.

Re-learn the Sound of Your Own Voice

Your hearing aid changes the way you hear your voice, adding clarity and depth, or may even sound hollow. Don’t be shy. A great way to get used to your voice it to read aloud to yourself as you become accustomed to your hearing aids.

Learn to Hear in Noise

Living without hearing aids, you may have forgotten how loud the world is. From traffic sounds, the whine of the refrigerator and the noise in your favorite restaurant, the amplification from the hearing aids give you access to all the sounds you’ve forgotten. When you had normal hearing, you were good at focusing only on the sounds you wanted to hear, and ignoring the rest. If you’ve been struggling with hearing loss for a while though, you have probably lost this skill. Practice focusing on what you want to hear, and ignoring the background sounds.

Be Confident!

Hearing loss is a common condition, and wearing a hearing aid is not a disgrace. Don’t go to extremes to try to hide your hearing loss - rather, feel the newfound confidence of using hearing aids. Your family and friends will be thrilled that you can interact with the world again, and no one will judge you for wearing hearing aids.

Use Hearing at Home as a Resource

We’re here to help! Ask us any questions you may have, and let us know if you have any pain or discomfort. It’s normal to need several adjustments as you become accustomed to your hearing aids.