Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

It’s time to start planning your vacation! You’ve chosen your destination, gotten the time off work and are ready to start making arrangements. Although you’re most likely excited, you may also be worried about safely traveling with your hearing devices and equipment.

Follow these simple tips so you can get back to thinking about the good stuff – like the sand between your toes.

Check Your Packing List

Alongside your camera and cargo shorts, you’ll also want to pack some extra supplies for your hearing aids. Some hearing device accessories can be difficult to come by in certain areas, so be sure to bring enough extras to avoid stressful trips to foreign pharmacies.

  • Extra batteries – plan ahead and bring more spares than you expect you may need
  • Extra accessories - tubing, sport clip, audio shoe, soft domes, or any other attachable accessory
  • Dehumidifier/Charger with drying capabilities – this is especially important if traveling to damp or humid climates
  • Cleaning equipment – Bring the tools you normally use to clean devices at home
  • Portable Alarm Clock – Purchase one with lights or vibration. This is especially important if traveling outside the United States, where hotels may not have the ADA recommended accommodations.

Make Prior Arrangements

When making your hotel reservations, be sure to inform the receptionist that you are hearing impaired and would like accommodations. Most hotels can arrange for alternative modes of notification for things like knocks on the door, phone calls, and alarms. Upon check-in, be sure to remind the front desk of your needs and requested accommodations, not only for your comfort throughout your stay but also for your safety in case of an emergency.

Prepare for Air Travel

Security - The simplest, safest, and most convenient way to travel with your hearing aids is to wear them! The Transport Security Administration (TSA) allows travelers to wear their devices throughout the entire security screening process. Be sure to communicate that you are wearing devices with the security officer at the airport. Most hearing aids do not appear as anomalies on screening equipment, however, if they do, you may be subject to a manual screening and/or pat down. No airport screening devices either for your person or carry-on luggage will damage your hearing devices or equipment. Once again, it is important to pack all device equipment in your carry-on luggage, as the x-ray machines for checked luggage is stronger than those for carry-on, and have potential to damage devices.

On Board – Once again, wearing your aids is the best way to go. There are currently no regulations regarding the use of hearing aids during any portion of flight (including takeoff and landing). If you do device to take out your devices during flight to watch a movie or listen to music, remember to store them securely in your carry-on luggage where they are easily accessible and will not be forgotten. Remember to let a flight attendant know that you are hearing impaired, so accommodations can be made in case of emergency.

Remember to Have Fun

You didn’t plan this vacation to stress about your hearing aids or hearing loss. This is your time to unwind, and the purpose of hearing aids is to help you do so. Remember your packing list, make as many prior arrangements as you can, and treat your aids as you do every other day and you should be set-up for the trip of a lifetime! If you have any questions about your unique travel arrangements and needs,