What is the Hearing Aid Test Drive?

Essentially, a hearing aid test drive is a risk-free hearing aid trials in the comfort of your own home.  No risk, no hassle, no haggle, no deposit.   With so many hearing aids on the market, the search to find the right one can be overwhelming. Hearing at Home is here to make the process both easy and enjoyable! During your appointment, we will come to your home and take the time to understand the listening environments that are most difficult for you in the space you spend the most time in. This information combined with the results of your hearing test will allow our specialists to make a recommendation for a solution. We hope that you will take advantage of our risk-free hearing aid trial, where you will be able to test out the new aids – and experience how they improve your quality of life, first hand!

How do you get started on your journey to better hearing?

1) Make an appointment for an initial hearing at your home, office or care facility.

2.) Begin wearing state of the art hearing aids today. No commitment or deposit required.

3). Thoroughly test drive the hearing aids at your home with your family. Take up to a full week to decide which hearing aid best suits you before you purchase.

Today is the day to start your journey to Hear Better. Live Better!