When Do Hearing Aids Help?

When Do Hearing Aids Help?

With so many settings and features, it’s hard to know when your hearing aids help, and what programs to use. Hearing At Home cares. We take the time to make sure you have, and know how to use it.

Conversations in Noisy Settings

When you’re having dinner at a restaurant with a lot of background noise, your hearing aid can help! Understanding speech in noise is one of the most challenging things for a person with hearing loss. Manufacturers work hard to create technologies that will make conversation easy.

Noise reduction settings kick in to block out distracting noises. It analyzes the sounds around you, and reduces amplification on certain channels that do little to help with speech comprehension. Studies have shown that noise reduction technology improves hearing comfort in noise. Feedback reduction removes any feedback or whistling from your hearing aids, making sure these unwanted sounds aren’t amplified when you turn up the volume or move your jaw.

Directional microphones provide easy listening in noisy environments. The microphones aim at the sound you’re focusing on, like the person talking to you from across the table. It reduces the volume of the sounds beside or behind you. You’ll hear this person clearly, and also hear less of the unwanted noises around you, allowing you to focus on what’s being said, not on straining to hear.

On the Phone or Watching TV

Can your hearing aid help you hear on the phone? Absolutely! Many hearing aids have programs that allow wireless streaming from any media devise directly to the hearing aid. Simply activate Bluetooth on the device and experience the sounds right in your ear.This will revolutionize how you interact with media as signals from the TV, phone or music player can be streamed directly to your hearing aid. Never again will you have to turn up the volume on the TV, or struggle to hear the radio.

At the Concert Hall

Hearing aids will help you when listening in large venues such as the concert hall, movie theatre or church auditorium. Many hearing aids are equipped with a telecoil, a small wire placed in the hearing aid. This picks up signals from the hearing loop technology installed in many public buildings. It takes the sounds from the PA system at the front of the room and sends the signals right to your ears. You won’t be listening to faraway sounds, but will have clear hearing right in your ear. This reduces noise and reverberation, giving you a great listening experience.

Playing with Your Grandkids

Do you struggle to hear the high-pitched voices of your grandkids? Your hearing aid has you covered! Using frequency shifting, sounds in high registers are shifted down to a lower frequency that is in your hearing range.

No More Tinnitus

Say goodbye to Tinnitus. Hearing aids have the capability to create sounds that reduce or mask the tinnitus, giving you a rest. When the ringing starts, simply switch on the Tinnitus program and choose the kind of sound you’d like to hear. This provided relief from any buzzing or ringing.