Starkey Muse

Founded in 1967, Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American manufacturer of hearing aids, based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Starkey is committed to helping people achieve better hearing. Through the Starkey Hearing Research Center in Berkeley, the company utilizes data and feedback to develop innovative products. In 2015, Starkey was awarded the Silver Edison Award for their Halo Made for iPhone hearing aid.

As a leader in the hearing aid industry, Starkey was the first company to introduce the in-canal hearing aid and the first custom, fully programmable invisible hearing aid. The Starkey Hearing Foundation has donated hearing aids worldwide to developing countries – 1 million and counting.

Introducing Muse – Hearing Aids Made for Life

Starkey’s Muse joins their Z Series and Halo Made for iPhone as a family of wireless hearing aids made for complex listening environments. The Starkey Muse offers clarity and comfort in noise, high-quality music listening, improved speech recognition, and an ultra-high definition audio experience for every situation.

Powered by the new Synergy platform, which has five times the processing power of previous Starkey platforms, and the Acuity operating system, the Muse picks up all of the subtleties of life, in every listening environment. Starkey has tailored their technology to meet the everyday needs of hearing aid wearers.

Speech Recognition

With hearing loss, speech recognition poses one of the greatest challenges. The Starkey Muse hearing aid is equipped with features such as Acuity Directionality and Speech Shift, which accommodate better sound quality in for speech in difficult listening situations. With wireless connectivity, phone conversations may be streamed directly from the smartphone to the Muse hearing aids. Starkey’s processing platform allow for simultaneous processing of multiple sounds, while preserving speech.

Adapting to Sounds

The Muse has been designed to easily adapt to new sounds, speeding up transitions between sonic landscapes and adjusting settings to facilitate your brain’s recognition of new sounds. Additionally, Starkey has dedicated a feature for musicians and music lovers: a music memory function to facilitate a high-definition, refined listening experience. The Muse also boasts sound comfort technology, which provides distortion free listening for sounds both loud and soft.

Multiflex Tinnitus Technology

Muse hearing aids offer customizable tinnitus relief through Starkey’s Multiflex Tinnitus Technology. With the understanding that 90% of hearing loss cases are accompanied by tinnitus (ringing of the ear), the Muse offers relief for this frustrating condition in the form of sound therapy.

starkey muse hearing aids

Wireless Connectivity

As with its predecessors in the Starkey catalogue, the Starkey Muse is equipped with high-powered wireless connectivity. With the Muse, wearers are able to connect to TV, music, and other media through the SurfLink Mobile 2 app and other SurfLink accessories. Along with Starkey’s feedback cancellation system, the Muse gives wearers accessibility to clear, unfettered sound and a seamless listening experience.

SurfLink Mobile 2 combines the functions of an assistive listening device, phone transmitter, media streamer, and hearing aid remote in one. This device allows Muse wearers to control the program features and volume of the hearing aid discreetly, while also streaming music, media, and conversations wirelessly anywhere, at any time.


The Starkey Muse is fully customizable to treat your hearing needs. Muse hearing aids are available in the following styles: completely-in-canal, in-the-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear. Starkey Muse is also equipped with familiar features such as feedback cancellation, Surface Nanoshield moisture and wax repellent coating, and adaptive noise management and directionality. The Muse is also available with a CROS system for people with single-sided deafness.

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