Better Hearing For Life

Hearing Aids And Leading Hearing Care For $99 Per Month

Hearing-At-Home staff and vans“Better Hearing 4 Life” was developed to ensure that regardless of your financial circumstances, you can invest in the high levels of audiological care that you need to care for your hearing health and enrich your ability to connect.

With a fully-inclusive package that consists of great hearing technology, a relationship with a local certified audiologist, and everything that you could ever need, including an affordable monthly fee, you’re able to get the best of both worlds, both now and forever.

Why We Offer ‘Better Hearing 4 Life’

Hearing better enriches our lives on so many levels but is taken for granted by many people. Hearing at Home was founded on the principles of breaking down the barriers that statistically have prevented people from getting the help they need due to price and accessibility. Hearing at Home is excited to partner with Hearing 4 Life because it specifically addresses these 2 common issues. With it’s low monthly fee and remote video programming, people will be able to afford the hearing aids they ​need ​to hear better and enjoy life to the fullest, and more importantly to have easy access to our entire staff of hearing professionals and get the help they ​deserve​.

#1 – Connected, Discreet Hearing Technology

Many of the affordable solutions that are available to you are affordable due to the low level of basic hearing aid technology.

With ‘Better Hearing 4 Life’ – the core philosophy is in the name, “for life” – that’s why high-quality, connected technology is so important.

You will be fitted with a highly-regarded set of hearing aids from a world-leading manufacturer, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re not just wearing great technology, but your hearing health is the priority.

#2 – “Sleep Easy” Loss & Damage Guarantee

Life is unpredictable and hearing devices get lost, get damaged or go missing. With the “sleep easy” guarantee, you are fully protected with the confidence that if your hearing aid drops into the bathtub, your grandchild decides to hide it or the technology stops working, that we have your back.

Best of all, if you do lose a hearing device or it is damaged, then it will be replaced instantly – you will not have to wait days, weeks or months without your hearing aids.

#3 – No Finance or Credit Checks

Whereas every other monthly option in the hearing care industry takes you through credit checks and results in you being stuck in a finance agreement with a significant APR, ‘Better Hearing 4 Life’ is an agreement between you and one of our partners.

Trust will be put into you to do the right thing, and as you continue to pay each month, you will continue to receive the advanced audiological care and support that is so important.

#4 – On Demand Audiology & Care

One of the biggest benefits of the premium hearing technology that you will be fitted with is that it has ‘remote capabilities’. This means that if you ever have a challenge, need an adjustment or need to speak to your audiologist, then you can have a consultation via the internet without having to visit.

This means that if you have a busy lifestyle or travel is difficult, then you can receive the care that you require remotely. Of course, for all situations where an in-person appointment is required, you will receive the care and attention from an advanced audiologist.

#5 – Seamlessly Upgrade Technology Every 36 Months

As technology continues to progress, you will not get left behind. As our commitment to you is to care for your hearing for life, you will receive updated brand new hearing technology every 36 months.

Your new hearing devices will be programmed to an updated hearing test and fitted to you, ensuring that you’re always experiencing the best possible experience.

#6 – No Liability Past Life

Whether you’re in your later years, or you’re looking for an option for your parents/grandparents, the most difficult part of investing in a monthly program is that many finance companies will pass any debts on to the estate of somebody that has unfortunately passed.

That’s not fair. That’s why there is no liability past life. If your hearing devices are not being used, then nobody should have to pay for them.

#7 – All Batteries, Domes and Filters Included

Much like having to maintain your car with new tires or parts, your hearing devices are the same.

But as many providers charge additional fees or you may have to buy your hearing aid batteries online, with ‘Better Hearing 4 Life’ – everything is included.

There are no additional fees outside of your flat $99 per month. Period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What hearing aids will I receive?better-hearing-for-life
Our providers are rewarded when you have a great hearing experience. That’s why a high level of technology has been selected and is constantly re-evaluated for newer technology every 36months.

The devices that you will receive are a high level of discreet, mobile-ready hearing aids from a leading worldwide manufacturer, with connectivity to your cell phone, tablet, or television and an award-winning level of sound quality.

Q: Will the monthly fee ever increase?
You will only ever pay $99 per month.

This will never increase. Our promise to you is that you will receive better hearing for life, and a transparent and simple monthly investment is a key part of that. By joining, you can have the confidence knowing that what you pay today will never increase.

Q: Do I need any special equipment?
If you would like to utilize the remote capabilities of your hearing devices, including the ability to connect to your cell phone to stream music, podcasts, and phone calls, then you will need a smartphone or tablet. If you don’t have smart devices, then you will still receive all the benefits of hearing amplification with the option to utilize the extra benefits when you next upgrade your cell phone.

Q: Are there any additional fees?
In an industry of hidden pricing, bundled fees, and additional extras, “Better Hearing 4 Life” is fully inclusive. From your batteries to all levels of your care, everything is included in your affordable monthly fee. It makes caring for your hearing simpler than ever before.

Do You Qualify?

If you are interested in ‘Better Hearing 4 Life’ – then please call us at Harrisonburg Office Phone Number (540) 908-9494 to discuss how this could work and whether you qualify, or complete the form on this page and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.

Register Your Interest in Better Hearing 4 Life

If you would like to register your interest in joining ‘Better Hearing 4 Life’ – then the first step is to complete this form. A member of the team will then call you to schedule an initial appointment where you can have your hearing comprehensively tested and they can walk you through how ‘Better Hearing 4 Life’ works. If you would then like to get started and receive leading hearing healthcare from just $99/month, then you can be fitted with leading technology straight away.