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For the 48 million Americans with hearing loss, there are a few choices for treatment. Once you’ve decided to seek treatment for the changes in your hearing, you may choose a specialist with a private practice (which provides personalized care at a high cost) or a big box hearing aid dispensary (which provides affordable hearing aids with less attention to patient care).

What are the benefits of in-home hearing care?

At Hearing At Home, we developed our model for mobile care out of a sense of frustration with the current industry norms. Because hearing is a subjective experience, when people begin to seek treatment for hearing loss, they need personalized care. Patients either pay exorbitant prices for quality private practice care or they purchase devices from a big box store and sacrifice the quality and expertise they deserve. The result is, 80% of people who need help with their hearing never receive it.

By having a 100% mobile service, Hearing At Home dramatically lowers our overhead costs and passes the savings on to the client. We offer premium, first generation hearing devices for thousands of dollars less than typical private practices. As a result, Hearing At Home clients get the best of both worlds. Big box pricing, premium first generation hearing devices and the highest level of care and expertise they deserve! And, patients never have to leave the comforts of home.

The Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

It takes an average of seven years from the time a person notices changes in their hearing until they decide to seek treatment. Leaving hearing loss untreated comes with many avoidable consequences. Studies have found that untreated hearing loss affects our brain’s cognitive function, tiring it out, and increasing the risk of dementia. Additionally, people with untreated hearing loss have increased risks of accidents, falls, and hospitalizations.

Because hearing is one of the main senses which connects us to the world around us, any changes in hearing will cause a sense of imbalance and disconnection. As such, people with hearing loss tend to withdraw socially and face increased incidents of stress, anxiety and depression.

Seeking treatment as soon as possible will yield a multitude of health benefits. In-home care is an exceptional option to treating hearing loss, as it does not require patients to leave the comforts of home, especially in a vulnerable time with their hearing.

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We service patients in the Shenandoah Valley including Harrisonburg and it’s surrounding ares, Charlottesville, Lynchburg and Richmond. Hearing At Home provides comprehensive hearing services which include hearing testing, hearing aid repair, hearing aid fittings and follow up care, tinnitus management, custom ear protection, and assistive listening devices.

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