Oticon Hearing Aids

About Oticon

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Oticon proudly boasts a “people first philosophy”. Founded over a century ago, the company is not run by a board of directors, but instead by the Oticon Foundation – a charitable organization committed to not only growing the business, but helping people with hearing loss participate fully in life as well. The Oticon Hearing Foundation is committed to increasing access to hearing health innovations for underserved populations both here in the US and overseas.

Oticon OPN

A new hearing device on the market, Oticon Opn™ (pronounced “open”) takes a revolutionary approach to this issue: instead of blocking out external sounds, the Opn™ has been equipped with multiple advanced technologies which work together to support how the brain processes sound, including multiple sound sources at once. The result is that the listener will have fuller, more meaningful sound experiences and confident social interactions, no matter how noisy the environment. Preliminary tests have shown that the Oticon Opn™ could have significant cognitive benefits including: 20% less listening effort, 20% more capacity to remember, and 30% better speech understanding, without suppressing surrounding sounds.


“Give your brain exactly what it needs to hear”. Imagine hearing solutions as unique as you are. Did you know that your hearing profile is as distinctive as your fingerprint? Oticon understands that although ears collect sounds, it is actually your brain that processes those sounds into information we can understand. No two people hear and process sound information in the exact same way, so why would hearing devices work the same for everyone? Using BrainHearing technology, Oticon has been able to coordinate your hearing devices and how your individual brain understands sounds. After assessing your unique hearing profile and sound preferences, Oticon hearing devices are then finely tuned – just for you.BrainHearing technology helps both ears work together, separates speech from background noise, recognizes and preserves natural speech and coordinates how sound is best understood by your brain. BrainHearing technology is available with many devices, ranging in style, color, size and price point. 96% of both new and experienced hearing device users report satisfaction with their BrainHearing equipped device.

Devices that perform

Oticon offers a wide range of performance hearing devices. These devices are available in a range of styles, sizes, colors, and price points. Many of these devices have custom options, such as the ultra-discreet invisible-in-canal (IIC) or completely-in-canal (CIC) options. Performance devices from Oticon are synced with BrainHearing technology. The Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 are all available in a Ti version to help those suffering from tinnitus.

Devices for power

For people with moderate to severe hearing loss, Oticon’s new Dynamo is an exciting product. The Dynamo – using BrainHearing technology – is specifically designed to help users with severe hearing loss to hear and understand the soft nuances of conversation and life – like never before. The Dynamo is available in seven hair and skin tone colors to meet your style preferences.

Devices for children

For our littlest clients, Oticon offers a line of hearing devices made specifically for children called Sensei. Sensei is considered the most advanced line of pediatric hearing devices to date.