Phonak Hearing Aids

About Phonak

Phonak is an internationally known hearing aid company with roots extending to Zurich in 1947. Their mission is clear. Phonak is, “fully committed to fighting the stigma attached to hearing loss, to tearing down barriers for the hearing-impaired and to finding new and innovative ways to help everyone reconnect to the beauty of sound”. Phonak is committed to assisting veterans with their hearing health, by teaming up with local VA centers to offer the best in technology to our nation’s heroes.

Phonak Virto V

The Virto V is a completely custom line of hearing devices available in six models depending on your degree of hearing loss. The ultra-discreet Virto V is completely crafted to fit perfectly in your ear canal, allowing the highest degree of comfort, performance and inconspicuousness. The Virto automatically adjusts its settings for any listening environment, seamlessly allowing you transition between activities without touching your device – or even remember you’re wearing one. There is no other device on the market that is this small, and boasts this much performance.

Phonak Audéo V

Phonak’s Audéo V line is highly focused on speech intelligibility and ease of use. Like the Virto, the Audéo automatically adjusts according to your listening environment, ensuring you are consistently able to understand those around you. For hearing aid users, cars typically tend to be difficult listening environments. Audéo users reported a 37% reduction in effort needed to understand conversations in cars. It has also been tested by music experts and – like all Phonak devices – consistently ranks as one of the top products for music lovers. The Audéo is available in three styles and 11 colors.

Phonak Lyric

Phonak’s Lyric is the first and only 100% invisible hearing aid that delivers incredible sound quality. Enjoy complete independence, as the Lyric can be worn for months at a time, without the need to change batteries. Using advanced technology, the Lyric delivers sound directly to the eardrum, allowing both incredible sound quality and complete invisibility. You might even forget you’re wearing a hearing aid at all, as it does not need to be removed for daily activities such as showering and sleeping. The Lyric is not the right hearing solution for every user. Factors such as degree of hearing loss, ear canal shape and lifestyle all play a role in determining if Lyric is an appropriate solution for you. Click here more information and FAQs about this exciting new product.

Phonak Apps

Phonak offers multiple smartphone applications (apps) to assist you with your devices. EasyCall can be downloaded on most smartphones and streams all phone calls directly to your Phonak wireless hearing devices. Phonak also offers a support app, with step-by-step instructions including pictures, a free Tinnitus Balance App to help manage tinnitus, a RemoteControl app to adjust your hearing device settings discreetly from your smartphone and the Phonak Leo app – a fun and interactive app with games and activities for social support and social development for children with mild to severe hearing loss.