2900 Miles and 1394 Phone Calls | How We Have Helped During COVID-19

How We Have Helped During
The events of the past month have brought immense challenges to people right across America. This is no different in Virginia. Our once-bustling towns and cities have fallen quiet, as people follow social distancing rules to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

From the outset, we embarked on an ambitious plan to try and ensure no one lacked hearing care services in our state. It’s been an honor to help many different communities during this time of crisis. Hearing at Home staff have been inspired and heartened by our patients’ warm responses.

We began in March when many people, young and old, suddenly found themselves without access to their usual provider. A large number of offices simply shut down, and Governor Northam’s “stay at home” order made trips to local centres very difficult.

With our fleet of mobile specialists, we were best placed to offer those with hearing loss a home-based alternative. Putting people before profits, we committed to a dedicated Emergency Hearing Care Support service.

This gave everyone in Virginia, whether they were a new or existing patient, the opportunity to request hearing aid repairs and curbside drop-off/collection services at their personal address.

With just one phone call to our hotline, they were able to schedule these appointments rapidly. Taking a range of safety precautions, we rose to this challenge, traveling all over the state to help people with hearing loss in their time of need.

Now, we’ve taken this commitment one step further, with the launch of our brand-new Telehealth Service, AVA Care, earlier in April. This allows people to arrange face-to-face appointments with us, using the camera on their smartphone, computer or tablet device. So they can instantly receive professional guidance on a hearing concern or worry via the internet.

It’s open to both new and existing patients, with complimentary 15-minute consultations available for those who are new to Hearing at Home’s services. We’re also taking advantage of the latest technology, by using “remote assist” software to program hearing aids without having to touch them.

It’s just another way we’re looking out for those who are adjusting to “new-normal” routines, both at home and in their work lives. As Governor Northam sets out a blueprint for a “phased approach” to reducing the state’s lockdown measures, Hearing at Home is ready to respond in any way we can to help the people of Virginia throughout this period.

These are just some of the stats we’ve clocked up since the start of the outbreak:

  • 78 Curbside repairs/adjustments
  • 8 online video audiology appointments
  • 2900 miles driven in 11 countries
  • 1394 wellness check phone calls made
  • 14 repairs mailed directly to patients
  • 475 cups of coffee drunk
  • And 1 new coffee maker

Do you need hearing support and advice while at home during the coronavirus pandemic? Call Hearing at Home now or fill out a form, and we’ll help you today!