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How To Fix Common Problems With The ReSound Smart 3D App

In 2020, Hearing at Home launched a telehealth service called Access Video Audiology Care (AVA Care). During an AVA Care appointment, you’ll have a video visit with your hearing care professional through a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Hearing at Home puts people over profits; AVA Care is a service for everyone. You don’t have to […]

Choosing The Best Hearing Aids

Wondering which hearing aids are the best is a common thought among patients who have just been diagnosed with a hearing loss. It would be natural to assume that the answer would be immediate on our part because our team of hearing care experts has helped thousands of patients across our beautiful state of Virginia […]

Should you Buy an Online Hearing Aid?

If you’ve ever worn a hearing aid, you know how life-changing it can be. You can hear in loud-noise environments again, be part of conversations, and live life independently. Some companies sell hearing aids online to people with a mild or moderate hearing loss. Considering about half of all Americans have some degree of hearing […]

Get Your Hearing Aids Cleaned & Checked in Virginia

Anyone who has experienced the trauma of hearing loss will be aware that from the moment an individual first receives a pair of hearing aids, the device becomes one of the most essential items in their possession. Hearing aids offer people the opportunity to connect with family and friends; it allows them to live their […]

When Is the Right Time to Upgrade My Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids, just like any regular piece of technology, are prone to becoming outdated. Yet, with all the confusing information out there, many people struggle to acknowledge the first indicators, which are a sign that you’re due an upgrade. How Long Do Hearing Aids Last? The lifespan of hearing aids differs from person to person, […]

Hearing Aid Repairs Don’t Have to Be Expensive

A hearing aid that isn’t working properly can be a source of great frustration. After all, you depend on your hearing aids to communicate, be aware of your surroundings, connect to others, and so much more. My team and I understand how important it is for hearing aid users to have access to convenient and […]

Is Your iPhone 12 Causing Sound Problems With Your Hearing Aids?

As a hearing aid specialist, I strive to keep up with changing technology and provide my patients with advanced hearing care. I have recently observed an increase in patients concerned about sound distortion and Bluetooth connectivity issues with their Made for iPhone hearing devices. Technology is advancing rapidly, and sometimes new product models or updates […]

Top Benefits of Using Hearing Aids

Most people associate hearing loss and hearing aids with old people. Those who require the assistance of hearing aids, who are battling this stigma, can find encouragement in a 2011 study at John Hopkins showing that more than 65% of those with a hearing loss were under the age of 65. Modern micro-digital technology has […]

How to Clean Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can offer those with mild to severe hearing loss a second chance at doing what they used to love but had struggled to enjoy since developing a hearing loss. In fact, eight out of ten wearers say that their quality of life has vastly improved. Because of the significant investment in your quality […]

Direct Streaming to ReSound Hearing Aids for Android Users

I always welcome feedback from my patients and love to hear how they are adjusting to their new hearing aids. It is clear that the smart hearing aid technology that is featured in ReSound’s hearing devices is regarded highly by my patients. ReSound has established itself as a world leader at creating innovative hearing solutions […]