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How We Are Supporting You During Covid-19

Supporting Virginia’s Hearing Aid Wearers Through COVID-19 With the challenges presented by COVID-19, Hearing at Home has introduced an ‘Emergency Hearing Care Support’ service. Regardless of where you purchased your hearing aids from, and/or who your local hearing care provider is, we are prioritizing people over profits and offering a Virginia-wide repair and support service. […]

Is Your iPhone 12 Causing Sound Problems With Your Hearing Aids?

As a hearing aid specialist, I strive to keep up with changing technology and provide my patients with advanced hearing care. I have recently observed an increase in patients concerned about sound distortion and Bluetooth connectivity issues with their Made for iPhone hearing devices. Technology is advancing rapidly, and sometimes new product models or updates […]

Direct Streaming to ReSound Hearing Aids for Android Users

I always welcome feedback from my patients and love to hear how they are adjusting to their new hearing aids. It is clear that the smart hearing aid technology that is featured in ReSound’s hearing devices is regarded highly by my patients. ReSound has established itself as a world leader at creating innovative hearing solutions […]