Direct Streaming to ReSound Hearing Aids for Android Users

I always welcome feedback from my patients and love to hear how they are adjusting to their new hearing aids. It is clear that the smart hearing aid technology that is featured in ReSound’s hearing devices is regarded highly by my patients.

ReSound has established itself as a world leader at creating innovative hearing solutions that make it easier and more comfortable for hearing aid wearers to access personalized sound.

A large number of my patients recently upgraded their devices to the ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids, which offer wearers an advanced full spectrum of direct streaming. This advanced technology has addressed some of the day-to-day challenges hearing aid wearers face.

For example, it allows wearers to stream phone calls through their hearing aids, eliminating the need for extra accessories such as a Telecoil, as well as the ability to stream their favorite music to their hearing aids.

However, up until this past February, these advanced Bluetooth streaming features were unavailable to Android users. This meant they were limited to only a few basic features, such as program and volume controls, or they would have to switch to an Apple iOS device to access the advanced features.

At the end of February, ReSound announced that they have updated their ReSound 3D app. As a result, all ReSound LiNX Quattro users, both Apple and Android, can access all of the advanced features. The update will work with all Android phones that run Android 10.

I’ve put together some easy-to-follow instructions to help you to get started. Simply download the updated ReSound 3D app here and then follow my guide below.

Check to see if your Android device and ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids can connect to each other.

Go to the Google Play store using your Android device. Search for “ReSound Smart 3D app” and then download the app.
When the download finishes, open the app and tap “Get Started.”
You will receive some instructions on how to connect your hearing aids to your Android device. Afterwards, you will receive one of the following three screens.

#1 – Connected

If you see this screen, it means you have successfully paired your Android device and hearing aids.


#2 – Update Settings

If “Status,” “My ReSound,” and “Direct Audio Streaming” are flagged in red, then your Android device and hearing aids haven’t paired successfully.

Therefore, you will need to click on “Direct Audio Streaming” for further instructions.


#3 – Not Compatible

If “My ReSound” appears in red along with “Direct Audio Streaming,” then your hearing aids and Android device are not compatible.


The first thing to do is to phone your carrier. They can tell you whether your Android device will get updated with the Android 10 operating system. If it will not be updated, you will have to upgrade your Android device. All new Android phones, such as the Google Pixel 3 and the Samsung Galaxy 9 and 10, will feature Android 10. It is only the older models that won’t run on this operating system.

What to Do Next?

At Hearing at Home we understand that patients might find the latest hearing aid technology challenging at times. However, be rest assured that you can count on my team and I to help you with all of your hearing technology needs.

If you are struggling to connect your ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids to your Android device, or you would to experience the latest ReSound technology for yourself, then give me a call at Harrisonburg Office Phone Number (540) 908-9494 to book an appointment.