Get Your Hearing Aids Cleaned & Checked in Virginia

Anyone who has experienced the trauma of hearing loss will be aware that from the moment an individual first receives a pair of hearing aids, the device becomes one of the most essential items in their possession.

Hearing aids offer people the opportunity to connect with family and friends; it allows them to live their lives and helps them to once again interact with the world around them.

As highly experienced hearing aid specialists, our team at Hearing at Home believe hearing aids are a life-changing investment and can radically improve a person’s standard of living and mental well-being.

We also understand that the current global crisis has created additional stress for everyone. The thought of traveling any distance for a hearing aid clean & check is not the most appealing of scenarios.

Our priority is to remove that stress altogether. As a mobile hearing service, we can provide you with industry-leading professional service, all from the safety and comfort of your own home or most convenient location.

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Why Do I Need to Service My Hearing Devices?

Hearing aids are incredible pieces of technology and will almost certainly improve a patient’s life; however, without essential cleaning and maintenance, the devices’ performance will likely become affected over time.

A common side effect of the everyday use of hearing devices is the build-up of wax and debris, and if left uncleaned, the build-up will negatively impact the quality of sound provided by the hearing aid.

At Hearing at Home, we take pride in offering a premium clean & check service while removing any inconvenience for the individual. For more information on our premium clean & check service, contact us here.

What Does the Hearing at Home Service Include?

  • The first thing we must do before anything is ensure both hearing aids are working.
  • Secondly, we clean all wax and debris from both hearing aids, including the domes, microphones, and receivers.
  • We will also change the wax filters and domes if needed and replace the batteries.
  • When this is complete, we turn on the hearing aids and check to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Which Manufacturers Do We Offer Clean & Check For?

We are happy to service hearing aids from all manufacturers, all models, and all styles. Just hand over your device, and we’ll do the rest!
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How Soon Can Someone Schedule an Appointment?

At Hearing at Home, we understand the importance of having your devices working as well as they possibly can. For this reason, we aim to see you straight away when you call to make an appointment.

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What’s the Total Cost of the Hearing at Home Clean & Check Service?

We want to ensure that this service is accessible to both our current patients and non-patients, which is why we usually charge $75. However, we are currently running a special offer to non-patients for just $29.99.

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Have Your Hearing Aids Professionally Cleaned in Virginia!

As hearing aid specialists, we at Hearing at Home have dedicated our career to protecting your hearing. It gives us enormous pleasure to help people in their time of need, and we can’t stress enough the importance of annual or bi-annual hearing check-ups for both you and your family.

Your hearing matters to us, and so do you.

If you wish to make an appointment with one of our highly experienced hearing aid specialists or have any concerns regarding your devices, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. To contact us via our website and request a callback, click here.

From everyone at Hearing at Home, we look forward to hearing from you.