Hearing The Tech Way – A New Hearing Solution from Android

Hearing-The-Tech-Way-A-New-Hearing-Solution-from-Android (1)
Technology makes everything better, and it has recently introduced a solution that will make life easier for hearing challenges.

Google has a new accessibility feature that makes life safer for hard of hearing and enables them to detect important things happening around them.

Sound Notifications

Approximately 466 million people are dealing with hearing loss. Figures also show that the number of Android users in the US is forecast to reach 130 million in 2021.

So those with Andriod devices will now receive notification for the crucial sounds around them. They will potentially have life-saving technology in the palm of their hands.

So, which sounds are covered in Google’s new Sound Notifications feature? Some of the sounds covered include a knock on the door, the microwave (and other house-hold appliances) beeping, the building’s fire alarm, dogs barking, the baby crying, and more!

Google’s new feature enables the hard of hearing to “hear” the sounds around them in multiple ways.

The primary method is through notification features. Other channels include vibrations on your phone and bursts of flashlights from your phone’s camera. This ensures that those with hearing challenges can see the notifications, regardless of what they may be doing.

It doesn’t end there, either. Users can also get minute-by-minute reports of every crucial sound around them. And while the feature is primarily designed for the hard of hearing, it is also applicable for anyone and everyone who may have their hearing sense compromised.

This can be someone with a temporary blockage in their ears, such as impacted earwax, or they could just be listing to music with their headphones on.

More Than Just Important Notifications

There is a lot of technological progress that has been made in the hearing industry. Other notable solutions include:

Coupling Accessories

Coupling devices are essentially designed to connect hearing aids to devices like smartphones, computers, iPods, and more. The goal is to enable the hard of hearing to enjoy their devices’ hearing aspects, including music.

These accessories are available for both Android and iOS devices.

FM Systems

FM Systems are designed with the scholar student in mind. These systems essentially capture audio from a speaker (usually the professor or anyone making a presentation) and transmit it to everyone within the range.

The goal is to ensure that everyone hears what the speaker is saying clearly and consistently, no matter where they are seated. They are especially ideal for large venues with big sitting capacities.

Visual Assistive Devices

It takes more than just sound to convey a message, as proved by the range of technologies designed to turn sounds into a video. For instance, there are captioning solutions that essentially capture every word from the speaker and present it as the written word.

These devices also give visual notifications for essentially every important sound covered by Android’s new Sound Notifications feature. These devices also deliver other forms of notifications, including vigorous notifications.

Final Thoughts

Technology seems to have an answer for everything, and people dealing with any form of hearing impairment are covered under Android’s new Sound Notifications feature.

This is just one example of how technology bridges the gap and makes hearing easier and safer for everyone!

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