Is Your iPhone 12 Causing Sound Problems With Your Hearing Aids?

As a hearing aid specialist, I strive to keep up with changing technology and provide my patients with advanced hearing care.

I have recently observed an increase in patients concerned about sound distortion and Bluetooth connectivity issues with their Made for iPhone hearing devices.

Technology is advancing rapidly, and sometimes new product models or updates can cause various problems and glitches upon release.

iPhone 12 Users Encounter Hearing Aid Connectivity Problems

Apple recently released iOS 14 and iPhone 12. Some Made for iPhone hearing aid wearers quickly noticed trouble with their hearing aids after upgrading their phones.

Fortunately, if your hearing aid was working well before a recent phone upgrade or update, then your hearing aid is probably not the source of the issue.

A recent discussion on the Apple discussion forum helped to narrow down the source of the problem.

Made for iPhone hearing aid wearers who recently installed the new iOS 14 software update to their iPhone 11 Pro (or earlier) did not report any sound or connectivity issues with their connected devices.

However, users who updated their software on the new iPhone 12 experienced distorted sound, intermittent connectivity issues, inconsistent volume, and static.

Apple is Aware of the Issue and Released an Update

On the Apple discussion forum, one user stated:

“ever since upgrading from my iPhone 11 Max to my iPhone 12 Max, my ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids are having connection and quality issues.”

The poster elaborated that they experienced poor connection and static.

Another user experienced similar problems, stating:

“connection is not an issue but the right one has a lot of interference on phone calls, enough that I have to remove it when on the phone.”

The poster explained that the issue did not occur with their previous iPhone 8; the issues began after upgrading to the iPhone 12.

The good news is that Apple developers quickly identified the issue and released an update to fix it. Apple released update 14.2.1 and advised users to update their phones to resolve the sound and connectivity issues.

While technical glitches can be frustrating, developers are quick to implement solutions.

Apple and Android are leading the way in advanced hearing technology with Bluetooth capability, allowing users to control device volume, sync calls, and stream music directly to their connected hearing devices.

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