Six Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

The designed purpose of flashing lights, ringing klaxons, and various forms of emergency broadcasts is to warn of ensuing danger. A failure to respond to these warnings can bring about devastating consequences. In a similar manner, a failure to respond to the warning signs of hearing loss is crucial. However, most people are not aware of what signs and signals warn of hearing loss in order to properly respond to the threat. Here are six warning signs of hearing loss to raise awareness.

Ever-Climbing Volume

Digital technology provides us with a numerical value related to the volume level on most televisions, radios, cell phones, and various electronic devices. If that numerical value, especially on the television, continues to climb higher, it is a pretty good indication that you might not be hearing as well as you used to.

Pardon Me, Could You Repeat That?

There are people who mumble or talk too fast to understand what they are saying, but they are the exception more than the rule. If you notice that you repeat the phrase, “Pardon me, could you repeat that?” or some similar phrase with increasing frequency, there is a good chance that hearing loss is the real issue.

Discomfort When Dining Out

Most people enjoy dining out with friends and loved ones. It is a great time for pleasant conversation, a good laugh, and delightful companionship. Social events become very uncomfortable and you might even start to withdraw and watch rather than joining in if you cannot follow the conversation due to background noise. This struggle can be an indication of hearing loss.

I Would Rather Talk to People Face to Face than Use the Phone

If you used to enjoy phone calls from family and friends but increasingly you notice thinking or saying, “I would rather talk to people face to face than use the phone,” this could be a hearing-loss warning sign. Without the non-verbal cues that help you interpret the conversation, talking on the phone becomes difficult for those with a hearing loss.

According to Research – Women and Children Should Speak Up

Take note of the difference in your conversations between men, women, and children. If it seems like you hear men clearly enough but have to ask women and children to repeat themselves in order to understand them, hearing loss is a possible cause. The speech of women and children tends to come in higher sound frequencies, which are hardest to hear for those experiencing a hearing loss.

I Love People, but They Exhaust Me

Do you hear yourself saying, “I love people, but they exhaust me,” after a social event, family reunion, or even a typical day at work? Dealing with people is exhausting for a variety of reasons, but if you are worn out because you have spent the day asking people to repeat themselves or were straining to hear conversation or instructions, it could be a warning sign of hearing loss.

Unlike most injuries and health challenges, hearing loss tends to creep up on people unnoticed. It often requires a conscious effort of examining how you are interacting with the world around you before you begin to recognize that you have a diminished hearing capacity.

These six warning signs are common indicators of hearing loss and cause for some concern, but you can rest assured that Hearing At Home is ready to help you with hearing tests and hearing care within the comfort of your home. Contact us to learn more about the hearing loss solutions we provide or to schedule your in-home appointment.