Why Do So Many People Have an Untreated Hearing Loss? | Hearing Health Awareness Month

During Hearing Health Awareness Month, the team has been talking to people across Virginia about how to address their conditions proactively.

But a key issue is that people still wait years before accessing hearing care services – resulting in a range of health-related knock-on effects.

The reasons for this are various. But if you haven’t started your journey to better hearing, these key factors may be affecting your decision.

I didn’t notice it

Hearing loss is something that most people experience gradually. This means you can spend many years without realizing you’ve acquired a condition.

The first to notice are often loved ones, as they’re the people that you interact with the most daily.

You might find you have to ask them to repeat words, or you can’t understand what they’re saying if they don’t face you.

Other classic symptoms include turning a TV’s volume up louder than normal or having trouble conversing in environments, such as restaurants, where others are chatting.

The only person who can truly diagnose a condition is a hearing care professional. With state-of-the-art equipment, Hearing at Home specialists can get to the root of a problem.

But does it work?

Another key reason why people decide not to seek hearing care assistance is that they don’t believe their condition can be treated effectively.

Most assume the only technology available is the bulky, ineffective devices they saw their grandparents wearing in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

But hearing devices have come a long way since that period.

Now, they are sleek, smart, and, in some cases, almost invisible – equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, among a huge array of other functions.

They really can revolutionize the experience of those who’ve struggled to hear sounds for a number of years.

Can I afford it?

Another concern that prohibits people from seeking assistance is they believe hearing care may be outside their budget.

Historically, this might have been the case. But the good news is that today, devices are available at a range of investment levels.

In addition, many more insurance companies now cover hearing loss treatment. This means you’re likely to find that a great hearing solution is within reach.

In addition, our specialists work hard with every patient to find a level of investment that’s perfect for them.

Hearing care really is now available to everyone.

Are you concerned about a hearing loss or know someone who is? Contact the team at Hearing at Home, and they’ll be able to help you right away!