Our Hearing Healthcare Services

In-Home Care

Hearing Aids Shenandoah Valley VirginiaHearing At Home
provides in-home care for residents of Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, Lynchburg and everywhere in between in Virginia. In the same way that healthcare professionals of the past made house calls, in-home care is a specialized service in which hearing professionals visit clients in the comfort of their own home. As most of our clients are older, providing in-home care saves them a commute. It is also economical in the sense that Hearing At Home saves overhead from renting an office, which directly benefits our clients’ pocketbooks.

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Hearing Testing

best hearing aids virginiaHearing tests are simple, painless procedures that assess your ear health and determine your hearing ability. Our hearing professional will first examine your ears with an otoscope, which allows them to see your ear canal and eardrum. If there is earwax blockage or injury to the eardrum, this may be a reason for changes in hearing. Following the physical examination, we will administer a series of simple tests which will allows us to determine the ability of your hearing. You may be asked to repeat a series of words and also signal when you hear sounds. After the hearing test, we will then review your hearing ability with the audiogram, which records your hearing ability by ear. From these results, we will talk about hearing solutions available to you.

Hearing Aid Fittings & Follow Up Care

new hearing aid fitting virginiaIf your audiogram reveals that you require treatment for your hearing in the form of a hearing aid, we will fit you for hearing aids. This is an important step on the path to better hearing. Everybody hears differently, which is why our hearing aid fittings a personalized to meet your specific hearing needs. After you’ve been fitted for hearing aids, Hearing At Home offers follow up care to make sure that everything is working properly. We also check to make sure that the hearing aids are the proper fit to your degree of hearing loss and that they meet your hearing needs throughout the day.

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids perform great feats, despite their small size. They are sophisticated electronic devices, not unlike a smartphone, which may need repair from time to time. Hearing At Home offers hearing aid repair – in the comfort of your home. For many people, hearing aids become a lifeline that connects them to the world. Leaving the house without a hearing aid may be daunting. If your hearing aids are not functioning properly, give us a call. We’ll drop in to assess the hearing aid. If we are able to fix them on the spot, we’ll get them up and running as soon as possible.

Tinnitus Management

Most cases of tinnitus accompany hearing loss. Tinnitus is a “ringing of the ear,” in which you hear phantom sounds that are not caused by any external stimulus. Hearing At Home offers tinnitus management, in the form of sound masking. Using hearing aids also helps to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus. We will assess your tinnitus and find the best solution to treat it.

Custom Ear Protection

custom ear protection hunters virginiaWe are exposed to many different noises each day, in our occupations and in our leisure time. From music lovers to sports fans to construction workers, we offer custom ear protection to ensure hearing health. The exposure to loud sounds over long periods of time leads to noise-induced hearing loss. Hearing At Home will create custom ear protection molded from your ears, to give the most secure fit. Custom ear protection filters out the dangerous decibels while still allowing you to hear the sounds you prefer. We also offer musician ear plugs, which are designed specifically for people who play music or work in live music venues. Musician ear plugs often come with in-ear monitors.

Assistive Listening Devices

Whether or not you are experiencing hearing loss, assistive listening devices (ALDs) come in handy in many different situations. ALDs are amplification systems that utilize infrared, FM waves, or electromagnetic waves to transmit sounds directly to the listener. Hearing At Home provides ALDs that are compatible with your home entertainment system, allowing you to amplify your music and media. Some ALDs connect wirelessly with hearing aids, allowing you to stream sounds directly to your ears. If you are interested in ALDs to amplify sounds, please contact us at Hearing At Home.

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